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// Create a new PointCut
$pointCut = new PointCut();

// Add JoinPoints to the PointCut
$pointCut->addJoinPoint('Example', 'Foo');
$pointCut->addJoinPoint('Example', 'Bar');

// Shorter way:
// $pointCut->addJoinPoint('Example', AllMethods); 
// Also AllPrivate, AllPublic or AllProtected can be used.

// Add different types of aspects
$test1 = new Aspect($pointCut, before, 'echo "Before $MethodName";');
$test2 = new Aspect($pointCut, after, 'echo "After $MethodName";');
$test3 = new Aspect($pointCut, around, 
                    '$Return = "New return value of $MethodName";');

Aspect Oriented Programming with PHP
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